Why marota

Marota .. the new city that will contribute to the dawn of a new Damascus has a long tradition and history and puts it on the map of modernity and globalism.

Innovate .....
There is no dream of a border with Marotta

about marota

A first step in the march of prosperity and urbanization of the capital Damascus, which contributes to the resurgence of the city at the international level. A new commercial center for Damascus with its high towers (Land Mark) Its towers and buildings vary from luxurious residences, shops, hotels, hotel apartments, restaurants, cafes, financial institutions, banking, health specialist, cultural services and distinctive and upscale educational schools that take into account the green architecture and together form beautiful harmonious blocks filled with magic and diversity in design, beauty and dazzling. Directly connected to the most important international road hubs (Lebanon, Jordan, governorates, airport road) in addition to its proximity to the University of Damascus and the most important governmental and medical centers and high-end residential areas. High level of luxury and enjoyment of exercise, jogging and cycling within the spaces and paths and tracks dedicated and quiet, spacious and large gardens and water lakes and musical fountains inspire and provide a stroll and enjoy the family. Integrated and modern infrastructure within the tunnels extending underground to cover the entire city and secure the launch of the first step of smart cities in Syria with the provision of gas pipelines and covers all the requirements of domestic use, service, investment, commercial and clean heating, with service control centers that provide all government, municipal and private services in a modern integrated way It meets all population needs.