Marota city -project progress

Marota city

With the completion of the implementation of most of the infrastructure in Marota City, direct implementation of the procedures constituted the main focus of the owners ’concern, which began to obtain design approval based on the participant’s and Guide Manual for construction & the criteria that were set by the technical committee in charge of studying the preliminary plots designs in Marota This guarantees the aesthetic aspect and modern architectural vision of Marota in the capital, Damascus The number of plots that obtained the approval of the design reached 137 plots till today And it includes 77 residential sections - 8 investment divisions - 52 mixed sections (residential and commercial) Most of the owners of the exchange also undertook the drilling procedures in their plots in preparation for starting construction work once they received the building permit. The total licenses issued to date have reached 11 licenses, including the following plots H24-T92-B153-H47-H26-B130-B127-H35-SA178-SA182-TC111 Most of them have started construction and concrete casting work . The Marota City project, which extends from the Kafr Soussa region to the Mezzah Eastern Villas region, is of great interest by investors who want to invest in the project in addition to individuals who want to buy apartments from the owners or by the established companies In addition to the companies working in the field of construction and contracting that looking to provide their services or obtain implementation contracts. Damascus Cham Holding also works to receive investment requests for investors who want to invest with here in its residential, mixed or investment divisions, which are distributed in different locations in the project, and the Investor Relations Management Team works to provide a full and detailed explanation to investors about the investment procedure in the framework of partnership or purchasing and explain the advantages that the investor will obtain and the investment vision of Marota City, which will form the new commercial center of the capital